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This 17 hectares self sustainable technology park is much more than a specialized office space for both local and foreign IT companies, it’s the perfect environment that allows you a safe and comfortable operation equipped with state of the art facilities and services.


LOCATION: Ciudad Obregón, Cajeme, Sonora, México

Cd. Obregon, Sonora with a population of over 410,000 people, is located 340 miles south of the US-Mexico border through Highway 15 that comes from Nogales all the way to Mexico City and joins with I-15 in the state of Arizona.

It's the second largest city in the state of Sonora, and is rich in tourist activities and culinary varieties. It's home to 16 universities with a population of more than 19,000 students, which 30.56% of overall graduates achieve IT sector degrees (software, IT systems, computer systems and business IT engineers, among others).

Our region is mainly agricultural and is shifting into the manufacturing, aerospace rework and IT sectors. With more than 24,000 employees in the industrial sector, the constant growth of the Sonora Soft Technology Park (500 employees approx.), we prove to be a diversifying and highly skilled region that benefits from the unconditional support of it local, state and federal authorities.

  • Plaza Álvaro Obregón

  • Laguna del Nainari

  • Laguna del Nainari

  • Cascada


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